Who am I (continued)?

What do I do?

Who do I work with?

I’m a highly qualified designer and developer with 10years+ of industry experience. I’ve served as a designer & developer, planner (’information architect’), project manager and (most recently) spent 3 years as head of new media at a large agency. I’ve worked with startups and large corporates across a diverse range of industry sectors.

I specialise in ‘front-end’ development and design > I'll "take your brand online" (ie. evolve it for the web), plan & design your website, twitter & facebook pages and setup and build all or any of the above. I also work within a small network of preferred partners who’s services compliment my own. So if you need SEO/footprint management & CMS I know who to talk to get your project moving....

Just about anyone really! I’m happy to work directly with a client, as part of an in-house team or from my own office on a freelance basis. Most of my work is currently provided by agencies or my network so I’m happy to fit into a role and ‘work behind the scenes’ as and when required. I’ve got a growing list of clients happy to give a glowing recommendation.

If you'd like to discuss a new project then please email me > info@jasoncwilkins.com